Ms. Sterling and Ms.Knight visiting Mexico City

This weekend I had the honour of escorting a couple of Top World Dominas inside a colorful sector or Mexico City nightlife. I had the honour to accompany Ms. Tara Sterling and Ms. Kendra Knight, amazing ladies based in San Francisco but world travelers as myself (links to their websites @ their names).

We first met in a well known addres on the beautiful Reforma Avenue, just some blocks from my studio, to take a drink in a “cantina”: you know, an old salón of green walls and small red dors with blinds. Some choose delicious Mexican beer and others mezcal, close cousin of tequila but distilled from another plant (normally sold at heavier alcohol degree).

There was a karaoke contest when we arrived, hosted by a funny, breaded and overweighted young presenter dressed in jeans, who to our surprise demonstrated to have a smooth, potent and well trained voice to sing himself.

Here all the customers sang at the same time the well-known “Mañanitas mexicanas”, the most popular birthday song, in honour of Ms. Sterling, who sit in front of my friend Farinna Califia, drinking moderately with the night ahead.

Then, we continue our tour by a fancy club with an awesome view of the famous Angel de la Independencia, soft lounge music and big, spherical, red lamps. I have taken subs by collar and leash to dance here before a bunch of muscled gays, but today this was a ladies’ night so the majority of customers were women.

A Mexican dyke approached our table filtring, and it was to be a female stripper later, but after a bit of dancing we decided to go downtown in search of drag queen shows and more fun.

First we try a famous club that was full of curious straight people, but since there were no show that night, instead we went to a popular bar frequented by male workers with moustaches and cowboy hats kissing each other.

It was an amateur singing contest, where a very fat guy, notoriously out of tune, sang a love song jumping at times. But after him, one of the juries took the mic and started to operatically sign “'’O sole mio… sta nfronte a te…!“, excelent indeed... followed by a transvestite with a giantic butt dressed as cabaret star.

When we finish our beer with “churritos” we walked again to the next club, that was a mixture of Mexican folk and intellectual chic, with a combination of disco music and tropical songs, and cult movies projected on a big, green wall.

Here we saw a drag dancing to Cindy Lauper on top of the red bar, with the owner’s naive paintings in the back, and then, a bunch of probably bisexual soldiers surrounded us. Short hair, heavy duty boots, white t-shirt, dark skin. Were the typical Mexican “chacales” (those enough “machos” as to f-k not only women but also other machos). They were masterly managed by Ms. Knight, so everybody stayed having the most posible fun, dancing most of the rest of the night.

The next day I had the opportinity of having breakfast with those strong and beautiful Mistresses and other friends.

I had an interesting time talking about art, energy and domination, and then I left for a very funny wrestling session that made me laugh as a child, though that my opponent won.

I was not able to meet them again and I am now recovering from body aches and bruises.

But I am happy to have spent time with my friend Farinna and the gorgeous Ms. Sterling and Ms. Knight.