Body worship vs scissors hold

I did this picture at the shower, after an erotic wrestling session.

Once in a while I receive such requests and I use to take them though my training is in dancing... because they are so much fun!

No matter if my defeat was sure as yesterday, since the oponent had wrestled with top international wrestling dominas for the last five years!

I accepted on the condition that it was to be "fantasy wrestling with a handicap" hoping to give myself at least some chance... but it was in vain: he won. Well, I comfort myself saying that the handsome was 30 years old, 70 kg and real fit... and admitting that I really had a lot of fun, laughing all the time.

We did a 3 rounds match, with an extra one only for scissors hold that was the prize he pitched, and I fairly gave to him. But since I am nevertheless the Domina, I also got the prize I was to get in the improbable event of my victory, and made him worship my body afterwards.

It is now the time for ointments, sure, but with a good smile!