From Light to Darkness in Thailand


This is Mistress Jasmine, Me and boy taken by Mistress Nurie at Thai Domina. There where some more pictures taken when the CB lock was open, one day after the extended session boy endured. That was held on Sunday afternoon, in three different scenarios of their 4 floors place, including some favorites of boy such as cbt and teasing under bondage.

On Monday W/we went to the beach to have some rest but before, early morning, to visit the Golden Reclining Buda, the world's largest of its kind. W/we dropped the boat at this dried-fishes market that smells like it sounds. The sanctuary was just passing this market, and there boy seemed to have a bad timewhen I explained him that I wanted to be by myself, but understood that there are certain times in which one's Domina needs privacy, specialy regarding spiritual matters. What I didnt know is that I was not to have almost any meditaton time, since the place was huge and just walking through it was time consuming.


Neither I knew what I was to find there, really, as this gallery of Sitting Budas who took my breath away when I entered in it.

And, of course, the immense, calm and beautiful Reclining Buda itself, whose toe-prints made my eyes water.

After this very short visit, W/we went back to the hotel to put O/our luggage secure during our trip to the South, that I wanted to make to be able to say something about the Thai beaches, thinking of doing it before the sea became radioactive. So W/we endure a 3-hours long ride in the very back of a packed van, leaving us not wanting other thing than to take a good massage.

I picked Pattaya beach because it is a renowned place for sex trade and I wanted to witness it Myself, besides allowing boy to buy a new metal chastity device and to shop Myself some PVC fetish attire.

But I was not able to shop until I underwent 2 hours of a very hot bath the first night, and another 2 hours of a very strong "oil massage" the second night. I had that massage in a small shop on the road named "Number One", and it brought to Me the Revelation I was looking for in Thailand, making Me cry as well as laugh, and proving to be one of the very best I had in my entire life.

I bought some shinny clothing and a leash to take boy to the streets, and ordered a dress to be made that I wil pick tonight before going to play in a fetish club. This happened very late at night, and in fact the shop manager opened her place only to Me since they had already closed.

And then, a bike ride took U/s to O/our tour to the wild side of Pattaya, that started in a very nasty club with naked Thai girls doing nasty tings on stage only for foreigners, apparently guarded by a black pimp with a golden watch with diamonds... and ended with a bunch of Middle Easterns hugging each other close to the lady-boys area, dancing with their National flags... passing through a high class club with gorgeous ballet-trained Russian pole-dancers, where the drink that other places sold for 60 Baths were 300 Bt.

Tonight I will see if the bad fame of the fetsh clubs in Thailand is still fair, but anyway boy will have some fun from My hand.