Last night in Pattaya

Well, the bad fame of the fetish clubs in Thailand is undeserved... until some point. Of course you will be hustled from the very begining, and you have to be well aware of how big your bill is becoming time after time. You have to be very attentive because as soon as you take a sit and maybe before you take a single sip of your first drink, all the house ladies -six to 13- will perform before you, at the same time, a quick and loud scene to show you the bottoms -and more- of the subs at your disposition and the harsh impact play of the Dommes.

But in places such as The Castle, you will then have the chance to also use any of the several and very dark rooms with your personal sub, and even to be accompanied by one of the house Mistresses who, as the Old Guard demanded, started her years-old career as a good slave, knowing how is it to be controlled and used from above. I regard this as a very good curriculum, and I guess that is why thoseDom/mes who did are of the most calm, precise and effective when taking command.

And I thank Her not only Her help in using some of the furniture and equipment they had, but also that -not using any flash, as I asked Her- She took some images of the play I did with the cattle prod that boy bought on the street and was anxious to enjoy... on the way for the heavy ball busting he willingly uses to receive from Me before being allowed -or ordered, as now- to come.