Friday night in Bangkok

Back in Thailand Me and my boy had scheduled a session in one of the well credited dungeons of Bangkok, but there was a car crash and W/we and Mistress Jasmin were to be late. So plans changed and -as fast as the Friday afternoon traffic permitted- W/we went to have dinner at a very expensive toproof restaurant 63 floors above the Chao Praya river. I had a fancy plate of Australian salmon and a sorbet of lychee and coconut, while my boy had a Wgnar" burger and Tiger beer.

W/we went then to keep looking for a special haircut I want him to endure, but still -as everywhere, including ALL barbers at Kaosarn road- nobody wanted to perform it. Even those few not shocked by the request argued not having the necessary equipment. So W/we went to the Red Light district to witness the people's interactions. W/we saw some foreigner couples and even a family with a baby sharing the street with well organized sexworkers. And then, still anxious that the both were, W/we went to one of the fetish clubs that advertise in international guides.

W/we were offered a girl to hit and were hustled from the very begining, though the ladies were very friendly and even gave me information about where to get pvc attire. Here, I used their rattan canes to hardly punish my boy and then I did a short scene with teasing, facesitting, foot worship, face slapping, spitting and so on... while a male customer received a blowjob from a house slave and then hired five girls to watch playing with each other for a couple of hours.

I slept still concerned about the Fukushima situation, keeping an eye on their evacuation warnings. And woke up this morning after an interesting nightmare, thinking that my own dungeon is not just well equipped... but uniquely beautiful! (Btw: my boy says that it is "awe inspiring" to a submissive who enters there for the first time, hehehe).