Dominican Domination: can you think of a better vacation?

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Imagine yourself being the personal toy and servant of one of the best Dominas of the world, among other Global Goddesses and their slaves, having fun in an all-exclusive resort at a beautiful Dominican beach… for a whole week! I have been celebrating My first 10 years into BDSM with a lot of activities this year (keep reading below), and now I want to take the most fun and delightful vacation with a kind pet at My feet! Would you be it?

I came back from Dallas a few days ago. As a part of a team of other experienced Top Dominas I had the responsibility of training a dozen selected servants at Maitresse Renee’s “True Desires” event, the first one at Her gorgeous new dungeon. Have a glimpse through some images I twitted in real time, from the kennels of the slaves to Our table setting for dining, BDSM parties and every day situations that We and the slaves experienced in this immersive setting.

1) Ms. Michelle Lacy, Ms Nerys Michelle, Domme Jaguar, Maitresse Renee,
Goddes Phoenix, Goddess Fae, Natalya Sadici. 2) DommeJaguar & Goddess Fae.
3) Dungeon de Maitresse Renee's en Dallas
Of course I came back with new toys and a lot of shoes, as I have been buying lately in all my travels. You should see the many new things I have! Well, I even bought a big furniture piece during my second trip to New York this year! And what can I say about Los Angeles?
This year My Mexico City dungeon has been enriched with new kind of electrodes, chastity devices, whips and other impact instruments, hoods, gags, cuffs, a big and comfy cage was made for my new "C&B" overnight offering (stands for “cage & breakfast”), the CBT/tickling bench, new latex and leather garments, boots… you can imagine, but better see (and TRY) these items yourself, booking at least a couple of hours at The Jaguar’s House before I raise my tribute!

As I wrote above, 2013 marks My first decade as Dominatrix este 2013 and I have been doing a lot in Mexico and overseas as well, including screenings of my own films, being at CineKink NYC for a third time and also presenting one of them at My country home for the first time, at the Mix Festival. Also worthy to mention was an incredible performance of Mine with deep roots in History and Philosophy in the main stage of ExpoSex-Mex, with the best critics’ comments in the radio and images published by the newspaper Excelsior.
Pictures: Kolfrosta, Héctor Guerrero, Cuartoscuro/Exélsior
Oh, I was missing: I also had the pleasure to hit and talk two well-known show and TV personalities, Facundo and the singer Ari Borovoy, who visited My beautiful dungeon for their cable show “Plan B”.

1) Teaching Facundo how to bark. 2) Enjoying the butt of beautiful singer Ari Borovoy. 3) Nice talks with both afterwards.
Now, this Global Goddes wants to go on vacations to Dominican Republic! I want My devotees to show their appreciation sponsoring the flight or the staying... and those who have been at My feet in person can also apply to be My porter!

If you live too far or W/we have not met yet, you can give a good use to your airline miles or send a monetary gift towards My expenses. But you can also book a session to introduce yourself in person so I can evaluate you as a potential travel companion, or as a playtoy at the place.

Email Me to dommejaguar@gmail.com  telling how you can contribute to My vacation, and if you wanted to go with Me, tell Me why I should consider you.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon!
Goddess Jaguar
Mexico Premiere Mistress
+52 155 3270 0138