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Hello my beloved submissives and fans!

I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying this new time of the year, Spring, which I receive with great pleasure after my travel to New York, where I presented  my film “Bounty Hounters” in the prestigious CineKink Festival and had the opportunity  to be in incredible places such as LaDomaine Esemar... to where I have the invitation to come back in September this year!

Here you can watch the teaser:  http://vimeo.com/35248093 and you can also read the entry of my blog where I review some of the things I found, from the most touching devotion of an enslaved heart, to the paradoxes of a legislation imposed after a fatal accident in a commercial dungeon few years ago: http://dommejaguar.blogspot.mx/2012/02/estampas-de-mi-viaje-nueva-york.html


The latest issue of the Mexican magazine “Revista H para hombres” (H Magazine for Men) has an article on “Sado In México”, that includes expressions and pictures of Mine. They kindly gave me back some of them that now are enclosed as wallpapers to add beauty to your computers.

For recommendation of my friends at www.calabozo.com.mx I received reporter Luz Meraz in  The Jaguar´s House, to give her a taste of what a real BDSM session is and talk about several topics, some of which  I will address more in depth for you here.

One of them  is why I adhere to the American stance about no providing “sex” in my sessions, not even in the form of “queening” (oral servicing the Domina), although this is often depicted in “sado-porn” where an incresing number of  pornostars pretend to be Dominatrixes, is more or less tolerated in Europe, very common in Asia— as I witnessed— and is also offered into the Mexico escort world.

As I commented to the reporter, having sex with the clients would certainly mean discredit within the highest levels of the American ProDomme scene, where I have had the privilege of mingling. However, I don’t do it because I don’t want to do it: what I want to do are BDSM practices, fetish scenes of sublimated eroticism, erotic games of power exchange.

If I gave up My likes to do something I did not want to do I would be acommodating, not dominant. I am a Dominant, and it is Domination what people are looking for when they come to Me, right?


Those who want sex do not need to come to Me: there are hundreds of escorts, literally. Instead, if someone wants a good canning, CBT/genital torture, pet training or slut training, a very good flogging, precise and artistic administration of pleasure and pain, a good fisting or strapon-pegging, a good trampling, a sublime foot fetish scene, delicious electrotorture, scent games, golden showers, erotic humiliation… with sensibility, safety, respect… well, not anybody knows how to do these things! And I am very good at them!

Indeed, this takes me to another point that I want to address here for you, my beloved fans and submissives: why one would go to a ProDomme? What is the reason to go to a Professional Dominatrix?

You most probably have heard derogatory judgements such as that one pays for what one supposedly can’t get “for free”, but this is not true. And it is not true specially in the case of ProDommes: the truth is that a large percentage of the clients of the Top International Dominas are very successful men, knowledgeable, respected, resourceful, and yes, many are also wealthy and handsome.


To begin with, the access to play and/or have a relationship with lifestyler dominas is limited because the ratio Dominants-submissives never and in no place is 1:1. There are always more submissives than Dominants, and while a domina may have several subs, there will always be some others who will be left out.

More in depth, as you will read in the most prestigious international forums such as Max Fisch (www.maxfisch.com/thehang) and The Scene (http://domboss.com/messageboard),  going to professional Dominas delimits the experience and clearly establishes the terms of the exchange.

Going to a professional studio for a session means setting a concrete time and place for this magical experience, separated from the rest of the everyday sentimental and professional life of the person, which can be both useful and necessary. Useful because in the rest of his life he or she may like and/or need to play a dominant role. And necessary because having a life partner who does not want or is not able to share or even understand these pleasures is a very common situation, and jeopardize a marriage or a family because of that is not always the most wise and responsible thing to do.

But overall, why people go to “professionals”, overall? What people look for in a doctor, a lawyer or other professional? Well, that the proreally knows what he or she does, right? That he or she has specialized equipment, the necessary experience, that he or she provides a quality service.

And this, in my opinion, means technical expertise but also sensitivity and human quality. It means safety and performance, reliability, discretion... and deep understanding of what a person needs when he or she asks for a very special experience, be it an erotic session, a magical ritual, a holiday getaway from the everyday world, or a formal training process.


It also involves respect and responsibility from the other side, for instance when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment at the last minute. This directly impacts the income of who, as any prestigious doctor or lawyer, makes her life from her profession. And it is why I have a deposits policy and penalties when it happens within less than 24 hours of a given appointment.


I will end today referring to some traveling that I want to do this year, to call those who may be interested in being my temporary slaves during those dates to email me to know terms, tribute and conditions as soon as possible.

The list starts with DomCon-LA, the biggest Domination Conference that takes place in the United States and where I will be Guest of Honour this year, along with well-known International Dominas like Mistress Shane (Belgium), Mistress Absolute (UK), Mistress Patricia y Sir Kira (Canada) and Mistress Servalan (Australia), and the prestigious Top Dominas Domina Irene Boss, Mistress Precious and Mistress Ellen.

I am opening the call also to whose would like to be my personal slave when I go back to LaDomaine in September, or during a travel to  Costa Rica that may even take place before DomCon, during travels fors fetish events such as FetishCon and Dominican Domination, as well as in a possible travel to Europe at the end of the Summer, when I may visit Residenz Avalon and attend the Fetish Film Festival in Kiel, Germany

Here you have the most useful links:


FETISHCON-TAMPA, August 2 to 5.

FETISH FILM FESTIVAL, KIEL, September 27 to 29.




Those interested have to send contact data and time availability to my personal email dommejaguar@gmail.com and I will answer in a couple of days. 

This week I am fully involved in a video production, so if you want to talk by phone you have to wait until the coming Saturday and call my cell phone from 1 to 5 pm Mexico City time... or any day of the next week 1 to 2 pm or 10 to 10:30 pm, as usual (no Sundays).

Well, that is it for now. I wish you the best this Spring, looking forward to seeing you happy at My Feet.


Domme Jaguar
Twitter & Skype: dommejaguar