Spirit's houses

I have spent two full days in Bangkok with my boy, where I eat the most delicious chicken soup I ever had, and a marvelous papaya salad with shrimps... And I visited the sex-work area of Nana with him yesterday.

I really wanted to visit my fist fetish club and start having fun while making my boy pay an insolence he did and will cost him a hundred heavy strokes of the cane, but he said he was very tired and with jet lag, so he offered Me to visit the working area of the lady boys instead.

I was tired as well, and accepted... though I was not completely convinced. But what was to be just a brief look at some other reality proven to be very interesting (though I will anyway conduct the punishment when W/we are back).

And that was interesting not because that spread of very well done transsexuals and transvestites, but because I was able to witness how the sexworkers live their faith, somehow embodied in the shrines and houses that are in almost all front yards and a lot of street corners.

Here in Nana the most numerous offerings are both of yellow flowers and red sodas, and one of the most worshipped figures is that of Ganesha, the hindu spirit who favors abundance.

As this inflatable one, who smiles, flirtatiously, at the entrance of a restaurant who serves German foods and hosts live music and girls from other areas of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia who make their living offering talks, guidance and pleasure to the tourists from breakfast to dinner, and later on.