2 commitments

I wanted to upload this picture days ago, but I`ve not had free time. I wanted a feet shoot and it was done. But I had no time to upload it myself.

See, for instance, now: it is 4.45 am and Im packing for a D/s time at the beach. Im late since my departure is schedulet at the sunset. But I am so for a good reason: I had a wonderful long session tonight.

I was wondering how I was to conduct an extended sensual session, because I was becoming more edgy in recent times. But the session was really, really good. I am happy as is my sub, a foreigner with 30 years of BDSM experience.

I am now going to the beach with another experienced sub, a Mexican who has traveled through the World and packs in a fraction of the time I use. Of course, it is to bring taning lotion and play stuff.

And yes, Im happily using My feet on both commitments.

Bless my subs!