D/s weekend at the beach

There are just few things this good: a weekend or vacations with a sub at the beach. Perfect time, location and weather to submerge in service and worship, and to indulge in those special pleasures that I am fond to enjoy and provide, from pegging to public games.

Foot worship required; massage expected; mischievous play in the pool, a must. Maybe electrodes under the clothes for breakfast as well, shopping while the maid could discover the toys, clubbing with collar and leash, sounds and fingers at My caprice.

But to do this with somebody I have to like hir. Because I not only love to walk one step ahead in the sand or doing My thing with hir at any times: I enjoy good couisine, conversations about science, art, international politics… and just hugging hir to watch, quietly, the shores and the sunset.

I just came back from one of this escapades (thanks p-q)... and I cant wait to repeat!