The following protocols are a BETA version (Dec. 2021) for possible TRIAL & VERY SPECIAL SESSIONS subject to change at any time. Were developed for the many slaves and sumissives wo have been begging for in-person encounters during almost 2 years, since I decided to use most of the current time to pursue others of My many personal projects. 
I am aware that not all would be able to apply at the moment, so I continue offering distance interactions: real-time video sessions, remote toys/app-mediated play, custom video or audio recordings and personal fetish items.  Contact data: www.dommejaguar.com (ENG/ESP), as always...



Even subject to change the following protocols are absolutely NON-NEGOTIABLE. For the time being and after consideration of My safety team, I require MASK, VACCINE and lab-administered PCR TEST. If you are not able or willing to comply, it would be better to wait for another time to serve Me or to find someone else to obey. 

I will NOT accept self-administered quick test (not even lab-administered antigent test at least for now), nor to replace vaccine with test (or viceversa), nor taking the mask off to worship or to consume without EXPLICIT DIRECT PERMISSION. An attempt to go ahead with any of the above leads to the immediate end of talks or session with deposit/tribute forfeited, and may prevent any further opportunity to serve.


Conversely, if you notice even a mild or incipient malaise or physical discomfort you did not register earlier or just started before your appointment (headache or anything suspicious) please inform it immediately:

1) Newly filled session request by email or Signal messenger. 
If I see compatibility and feasibility, I will tell you to go ahead with the next requirements:
2) Proof of being FULLY VACCINATED with FDA/EMA/WHO approved vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) or others authorized in Mexico such as the Cuban Abdala or Sputnik (at least 2 doses, mix & match allowed, maximum 5 months from the last shot).

3) NEGATIVE PCR TEST (lab-administered) taken ONE DAY (24 hs) before the session.

4) Official picture ID.
5) Receipt for scheduling deposit (this is non-refundable, to be credited should rescheduling be needed, and apart of tribute).

Send all via email or cellphone first. Personal data can be masked but WILL be checked against the non-censored print versions (including picture ID) at arrival for your session: the current are not times to hide delicate information that may compromise health and safety (discretion is assured).


MASKS are to be worn CORRECTLY SEALED ALL THE TIME BY BOTH PARTS, before entrance to the premises, and can only be removed to shower or to consume by yourself once explicit permission is given (and should be correctly put again as soon as you are done).

They should be HIGH EFFICIENCY MASKS (preferably N95 or FFP2) and WITHOUT VALVE. 

If you do not have one of these N95/FFP2 or yours become wet, you will be provided with one new at NO EXTRA COST.


PERSONAL DISTANCING is of course a difficult issue if you come for a session, so more than ever wait and follow MY ORDERS regarding body placement and movement.

A TRIAGE form should be filled in advance with true information, and please remember that you have the opportunity to schedule at no extra cost if needed be.

TEMPERATURE will be taken with infrared device. Extra precaution, since most COVID infections are asymptomatic.
You will promptly sent to WASH YOUR HANDS first thing while in the premises.

DO NOT TOUCH YOUR MASK OR FACE with your hands unless strictly necessary, wash your hands before and after, wear something to keep your glasses in place (or store them away) to avoid adjusting them during the session.

DO NOT TOUCH anything in the premises before washing hands or after touching your mask or face, WASH YOUR HANDS in that case and every time you are told to, use disposable towels to dry them.

SHOWER before the session as you may be instructed, there will be a container to put your mask but remember that you can ask for a replacement if it gets wet or does not fit well.


The COVID virus is mainly transmitted IN THE AIR, via the droplets expelled while talking but also by the small particles (aerosols) expelled simply at calm breathing (not to mention the session-heavy breathing!). This is the reason to insist on wearing a WELL SEALED HIGH EFFICIENCY MASKS at all times, besides this:

WINDOWS WILL REMAIN OPEN at all times, and certain moments/practices can take place in the open air. This is one of the reasons for not having late night appointments.

An HEPA-FILTER AIR PURIFIER will be also working in the room all the time to get the standard of 5.5-6 changes of air per hour, according to the volume of the room (without UV, ozone or other potentially harmful add-ons).

A FAN may also be used in certain areas to help the air circulate.


70% isopropyl alcohol and detergents are the main resources to disinfect toys SARS CoV2 wise, and I have found easier to submerge them (hence, safer to properly do it) than to spray or to wipe them (as it is ok for other surfaces). This will determine which kind of instruments would be chosen for a given session, so if you have specific wants or needs in that regard please let me know in advance so I can study the alternatives.

Disinfection and/or higher-level sterilization of invasive instruments (should any be used) will follow the same original procedures according to the level of risk involved in each specific practice. This of course additionally to the level of disinfection required regarding the SARS CoV2.

If you have your own instruments and want them to be used, great! You are most welcomed to let me know IN ADVANCE to decide which ones you can bring to the session and how I would manage.

Under the present circumstances THERE ARE NO REGULAR SESSIONS but exclusively a very few SPECIAL SESSIONS on a limited, case-by-case basis, with selected LONG-TIME CLIENTS (or well recommended by reputed international dominas I knew), only by advance appointment, and NEVER more than ONE SESSION in a given day.

First timers and new clients without referal can apply to be included in the WAITING LIST for upcoming times. APPLY HERE


Given the many precautions and previsions now required, new and extended disinfection practices, as well as the new and increased expenses involved, the rates have been raised and structured in 2 parts as it is explained below.

➡️Amounts are subject to change, confirm before booking!


If you would also like to have the assurance of MY NEGATIVE PCR TEST add $2,000 MX (yes, I am extremely cautious for My own reasons, but of course I understand such request).

Deposit in full at least one week in advance (send proof of deposit along with proof of vaccine at the same time). Special requests imply a surcharge to be added at this first moment.
Wire transfer/cash deposit at Oxxo store (SEND TEXT VIA ▶️ TELEGRAM TO REQUEST THE CARD #)
馃憠馃徏 Deposit is non-refundable but will be CREDITED IN CASE OF RESCHEDULING due to: previously unnoticed health concerns, surprising PCR positive result, or unexpected pandemic measures* (credited IN FULL the first time, and depending of circumstances, a reasonable proportion if that happens again).

STARTING FROM 500 USD/ 450 EUR/ 400 GBP/ 10,000 MX PESOS

In cash, at arrival in the premises for the session, as instructed on site.

At the moment, the total lenght of an encounter is up to 2 hs.
More affordable options are no longer available due to the troubles anyway involved, sorry.
Sessions would start not earlier than 3 pm and should finish no later than 9 pm (TUE-SAT).
NO OUTCALL available at the moment.*
Absolutely no impromptu requests, not even next-day engagements!
Which practices can or can not be done (or be adapted) will be analized in a case-by-case basis.
Overall, it seems like the current is no longer that care-free time to delightfuly submerge into oral worship for an eternity. No gags, breathplay, spitting or face slapping for the time being, sorry. But some things can be modified: Golden can be done without consuming, for instance. 
Be upfront about what you would love to experience and I will let you know if there were something that would definitely be out of the menu on this occassion... or adapted.
Doubts? Text or email Me and allow 24-48 hs to get response. In case you do not see My message or require prompter answer, call to make My phone ring 4-6 times. I will then go back to you.