The Goddess Jaguar

I am an Artist of Desire and Power. I can play with your body and your mind, and make you feel emotions and sensations you have not dreamed about… or have you?

My job is to give a break to your “public self” and to your Ego, and to expand your limits from where your fantasies are. 

Under My spell you will enter into a world of Erotic Alchemy, where shame, pain, cruelty and taboo transform into pride, pleasure, tenderness and enlightment.

My Totem is The Black Jaguar, Deity of the Ancient, who presented Himself to Me many years ago. I was given His Power to walk between Worlds, to take the initiated beyond their frontiers, beyond their taboos, beyond their fears, beyond the prescriptions they have learned and the roles they are obligated to play every day... so their body and their spirit become free to feel, to dream, to grow, to fuse with The Universe.

I practice the Erotic Power Exchange as a path to go from Darkness to Light, and understand fetish as the highest sublimation of eroticism.

I am a high-level Professional Dominatrix, with refined taste, more than a decade of hands-on experience, travel and studies abroad (yes, BDSM studies as well), My own beautiful, discreet and fully equipped private dungeon... and a great collection of toys and fetish wardrobe!

I offer custom BDSM-fetish sessions, D/s vacations, worldwide travel, slave training for those very serious, as well as rituals for personal growth.

I am a certified sex-educator, writer and film-maker. I do teach health and education professionals once in a while, and also like to perform on stage at times.

I am looking for people who are educated, gentle, intense, generous and confident enough that they do not fear to put themselves at the feet of a Goddess. 

¿Are you one of them?


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