True Desires

Muchos de mis sumisos han visto las fotos del evento en Dallas al que asistí el año pasado: un fin de semana de entrenamiento de esclavos en el calabozo de Maitresse Renee. Bien, pues ella está estrenando nuevas instalaciones y me ha invitado a ser parte nuevamente de esta singular iniciativa.

Esto es lo que ella misma escribe acerca de TRUE DESIRES:

That is something that you would probably very much enjoy! True Desires is a 3 day event that is non stop you stay at my dungeon in the kennels and are in service 24/7 during the weekend to various Ladies from all over the world. It's geared towards those with a submissive attitude.. not the "do me" type subs. There are play parties during the weekend but those that I approve to attendTrue Desires I want to have a TRUE DESIRE to serve and be of use to the Ladies, if that means foot rubs, massages, fetching drinks, cleaning their toys after use or being a chair for the evening... I want it in your mind you are here to SERVE ; )

During True Desires there are classes taught by the various Dommes, everything from how to accept punishment to preparing yourself mentally for a very intense scene... all the way to proper stretching before a play-date. The list goes on and on!

Each day starts with formal meals 3 times a day. The servants prepare all the food and are taught how to PROPERLY in protocol serve it to the Ladies. (This is actually one of the highlights of the event) It's very regal to see all the servants in matching hoods, collars, cuffs, chains harnesses serving in perfect unison. It's lovely!

The weekend will have one play-party that is on a large scale with all the hosts as well as a few other Ladies who are friends I have invited and also a field trip to an event in Dallas I am hosting at a local BDSM/Goth club. Masks will be worn so no need to worry about your identity... everyone will be matching and chained together for the evening while the Ladies enjoy themselves, watch the show and use you for whatever our needs may be.

MORE: http://fetpro.com/dallas-bdsm-event-true-desires-4/