Landing from Los Angeles!

I just landed from Los Angeles, with stronger friendships with some of the best Dominas in the world, two new videos to edit, some awesome-brand-new wardrobe pieces and a lot of new toys!

I will post pictures of them, of course, but I am now arranging my upcoming trip for the New York Fetish Marathon, that is just a couple of weeks ahead! WANT TO COME WITH ME? EMAIL ME TO dommejaguar@gmail.com OR CALL TO +521 55 3270 0138 NOON TO 2 & 8-10 PM US CENTRAL TIME.

Oh, and I am also finishing curating the new section Mundo Kink of MIX DOMINANTE, the Mexico film festival on sexual diversity! I will be in the inauguration on MAY 30 in the Mexico Cineteca Nacional and will be back for the screenings from June 14 to its end.

More news to come. But now, congratulations to Mistress Cyan and all the team of DomCon LA for this non-stop effort of bringing together all this for a decade. And My deepest, deepest thanks to esclavo-mío: he knows for what!

SUMISOS MEXICANOS: APROVECHEN ESTAS DOS SEMANAS PORQUE DE NUEVO ME VOY!!! Citas: dommejaguar@gmail.com, Cel 044 55 3270 0138 (llamar de 12 a 2pm o de 8 a 10 pm).

Mistress Absolute (London) & Domme Jaguar (Mexico City) @ DomCon LA 2013