Jaguar in NYC

I traveled to NY for the screening of my film bounty hunters CineKink.... And to know about the BDSM/fetish scene. I am now in the way of what would be my last night in Harlem, hosted this time by a Mexican who had not even met me before. This is past 3am and I am into a train along with two homeless laying down several seats, one sleeping and the other masturbating, and no one of the other dozens of passengers, all male, caring about it. This is my second time in NYC. The first was short before the 9/11. Before those troubles in the financial system that enhanced a few pockets but empty millions of stomachs right here in the capital of the First World. Thanks to the skilled Masters and devoted slaves of the Chateau in which I previously spent three of the most wonderful days of my life, where being all so happy, focused, relaxed and welcoming they made me feel truly loved and appreciated as never before, in all my cruelty and in all my sensuality. Thanks Mom who lended me her 30 years old vintage fur coat to defend myself against ice rain. Thanks Eleggua who always opens the way before I go throug and Obatala who blesses my understanding... What I have been experiencing is that heavy that I have gotten lost in the subway three times in four days. It is happening again: I have to go back about 60 streets and change again train line. I only hope my face dont show much blue during tomorrow fetish shooting.