Birthday announcements & wishlist


I begin My birthday celebrations today, sharing this picture taken by Carlos Chiquini of NODAL POINT STUDIO for my Summer DDI page, with a palazzo by My friend and protegee Farinna Lez Queer.

This May I got into the mood to start offering not only extended sessions but also overnight stayings “cage & breakfast” at the Jaguar’s Studio, that is conveniently located at the main avenue of Mexico City, close to the Financial District and perfect for indulging yourself after a whole day of business meetings.

This is besides regular sessions and the D/s vacations and weekend getaways that I love, as you can read here in my blog. I would like to discuss with subs interested escapades to events such as Kink in the Caribbean in November, the parties of Fetish Factory (16 anniversary May 27-29), the Berlin Fetish Weekend in June, or the events of Torture Garden.

You can schedule a private dinner or lunch to do so. Or to simply talk in a more personal way, providing 50 usd/500 pesos that account for session tribute if it takes place the same day: I ultimately rather to put My hand (and to step) on you!

Yes: I will be pleased if you schedule a session with Me or try this "cage & breakfast" for the first time. But you can also send any cash amount as a gift via paypal to dommejaguar@gmail.com, or buy some of the following items that I will greatly appreciate, starting with not expensive but very specific ítems:

The SMALLEST of this kind of Italian coffee maker, or a SMALL automatic espresso maker (but manual, NOT for capsules please: I dont want to become a slave of Nestle!).

Black corset model 167 (size 30, I already tried it) by Corsetería Rocío-Mexico City (Motolinía 13 Historical Center, click HERE to go there): it has laces in the back but I could not find the pic... Or the waist cinchers model 851 and 152 (in this case, size 32).

Classic cuban heel stockings (nude color with black lines)… they are so hard to find in Mexico!

Or a thong-bikini set in black, blue or purple (look for "Brazilian"), as long as it has laces at the sides of the thong (that is also low raise) and halter or strapples cut on the top (size M/34-B). Why the current fashion has almost banned to show the buttocks? I like to tan!

Well, now, going upscale: Atsuko Kudo’s Simone Basque in semi-transparent black with Plain Cherry G-String. Store link HERE… Sorry: I cant copy-paste the image of it but here you have Eva Mendes at Vogue Italia in another Kudo’s creation:

And back to cheap… but hard to find: ANY kind of deodorant but NOT ANTI-PERSPIRANT and with NO perfume (Goddess, please help Me to find this, no matter the trademark!).

For pampering, shinning and health care of Your Lady: hair cut & color job by Ignazio-Hair-Studio, pedicure with Ms. Judith and dental rehab with Dr. García Aranda and Dr. Kuri (call for details).

At home it has arrived the time for a new TV plain screen (small to medium please) and to install this Marne whirlpool (I am also thinking of a steam system: I have a small 6m3 room).

The Jaguar`s Studio would benefit with a new bench: spanking, CBT or something like THIS bench, custom made for Thai Domina (I was there and had the privilege of having seen it undergoing ACTION... thank you girls!)

Electro lover that I am, I will smille with a Violet Wand kit:

Glazed green grapes… OMG! OR… Miles, miles, miles to fly! But well, seriously: if you want to please Me, consider the above options... and schedule a session! And start follow My twitter (http://twitter.com/DommeJaguar) since I will go dancing during the coming days, and if you are able to reach Me, you maye ven be in my party pictures!