The beach, a favorite of Mine

I’ve been very, very busy because a filming affair I’m about to finish. There have been several weeks of not writing, as some of My subs have complained.

But while they are not entitled to make any claim… well… they are right: I should do! I should tell My adventures and pleasures, specially when they are part of them!

As when I went to Playa del Carmen to see a fit, handsome sailor who came from the coldest side of the world and invited Me to admire My high heels, to lick My feet, to worship My beautiful Black Jaguar’s cock.

He liked hoods so I brought some of latex… tough the pics in his camera demonstrated he had a way bigger collection than I had! ;-) I also brought a box of black, thick, latex gloves, which proved more than useful for the games I played with him, including slapping, smothering, fingering… and My favorite strap-on… Goddesses, that was hot!

And that was also good to use him in the shower, to take dinner with him, and finally go to the beach… where he catched Me while I had to take care of my production team over the phone, hehehe!

Thanks the Goddesses it is almost done and I am about to see the sea, again, son. And I hope I can rest a bit, and be able to feed this blog again a little more.

Thanks A. for the time in Playa del Carmen. Please remind it when you become stressed in the middle of the ice!