New York: from crazy to deep

I first had a whole crazy weekend of fetish parties in Manhattan. I visited friends, met new people, had an awesome dinner at a Brazilian restaurant. Then, I spent a couple of days at the beach in Long Island, and end my NYC days going with the beautiful Miss Couple to the studio of photographer Adrian Buckmaster (above, a sample).

Should this be the Will of the Higher Powers, there would be a real schwanendreher soon, a great dinner by the Master Chief, and finally the party for which I am the Guest Domina this month at LaDomaine Esemar.

If you want to see Me here or in the City, please call the house: website HERE and/or email to: dommejaguar@gmail.com (limited availability).

PS Mon 3 pm: the weekend event was amazing. Should you want to know more read this: https://fetlife.com/groups/18689/group_posts/3985595