Partying at The Church

Past Sunday, I was being served by two slaves comforting My feet at The Church, the most renowed Dallas fetish club, when a beautiful young model who was in the latex catwalk minutes before came to Me.

-Do you have apprentices?, she asked.

-Well, I am visiting for the True Desires slave training hosted by Maitresse Renee, so she is the person to ask here. What are you looking for?, I asked back.

She explained that she had been doing online domination and considering to do financial among other things, and was clear at what she enjoyed from it:

-I like to be pampered… and the feeling of breaking someone down, she said with a frank smile.

-All right, I responded; -And what do you do with their pieces, then?

Pictures at The Church by William Lamoreaux www.thechurchpictures.com. Thai foot massage taught at True Desires by Mistress Natalia Sadici, performed by slave 3 and slave 9.