Merry Christmas & Wish List

Oh, My cherished subs & sluts... you gave Me so much fun this year! Enjoy now this Christmas teasing I made inspired by the tales of my perrito randy. I wish you happiness and pleasure to their fullest... and of course a better New Year, hehehe! WISH LIST Some of you have asked Me what I would like for Christmas, so, here I am teling you: What I want the most is CASH to install this awaited whirlpool in My loft... that thanks to the recent sessions I had with climber-slave and perro-erick I can have now! Any amount will be appreciated. Please send by Paypal to my email dommejaguar@gmail.com I would also appreciate any of the following gifts that will put you close to My body... IGNAZIO HAIR STUDIO Haircut, color work and treatment for My beuatiful long hair! Prado Sur 146, tel. 5520 5000 WEBSITE HERE: ignaziohairstudio.com DIVINA NEW BODY SPA Quevedo 630, tel. 5658 8190 Any facial treatment (specially for cleansing and pigment control), as well as stone massage and detox wrappings... mmmm! MS. JUDITH Pedicure and a new pair of special insoles for keeping My feet healthy despite that much time spent on high heels and platforms. 044 55 2245 8779 Just tell any of them that you are paying for "Jaguar's care", ok? And following are personal care products I use everyday, some times not easy to find, always appreciated: EUCERIN skin LOTION UREA 10% NEUTROGENA ULTRA SHEER DRY-TOUCH SUNBLOCK FPS +50 VICHY LIFACTIV CxP YEUX/EYES and/or... if you can find it... ANY DEODORANT THAT IS NOT-ANTIPERSPIRANT AND DOES NOT HAVE ANY "MINERAL SALTS", ALUMINUM NOR PERFUME!!! (Goddesses, why it is almost impossible to get something like this in my country? My skin hates the above antiperspirants, and my noise cant bare most "sweet" flower-like scents) HOMEODENT toothpaste (BY BOIRON LABS, ANIS FLAVOR) And here, some clothing: CORSETERÍA ROCIO Motolinía 13, tel. 5521 4925 www.corseteriarocio.com BLACK CORSET MODEL 167 (SIZE 30) BLACK WAIST CINCHERS MODEL 851 OR 152 (SIZE 32) LIBIDEX www.libidex.com BLACK LATEX FREDERIKA WASPIE (SIZE M) ORION http://shop.orion.de TRANSLUCENT BLACK BODY (SIZE S)